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Take a Moment to Look Back....!!!

Posted by Vikramsinh at Thursday, December 24, 2009

Another year come and gone, so many things happen sweet and bitter, happy and sad; we got reasons to smile and cry...

As we look back the year was full of so many surprises, things turn upside down and pace of life become faster. We have to keep up with changing time and find out what we want back from our lives, what exactly make us feel happy...

We have to contemplate what we gain and what we loss, mistakes we made, how to avoid them.

News papers, TV channels are flooded with series of articles/shows on this years vital incidents that impact world in a good or bad way. So I am not listing down all those things but one interesting thing I found is Google’s zeitgeist. A way to see what people search on the internet, what is the spirit of the time.

Michael Jackson is the most googled term this year worldwide and facebook comes second, but in India it's different.

Katrina kaif beat Michael in India and become most googled celebrity in India for consecutively second year. For the second year running, Katrina Kaif has also grabbed the top spot as Asia's sexiest woman - as awarded by the UK's prestigious Eastern Eye magazine. Looks like Katrina is poised to rock the world...

Last week tragic demise of Britney Murphy spreads shock waves like Michael Jackson; more interesting thing is Black Hat SEO used it for spreading system infections. As news spread fast more and more people tried to search about it and that’s what is exploited by some cyber criminals. They embedded malicious codes in the links which were listed in top search results. So beware next time when you click any search result link while searching on hot topic. more about this attack

Lastly enjoy the celebration time and make maximum out of your life ...its precious and beautiful..enjoy each moment and life will become a continuous celebration..!!

Merry X-mas

Theorem that took 357 years to prove...!!!

Posted by Vikramsinh at Sunday, December 13, 2009

“And perhaps, posterity will thank me for having shown it that the ancients did not know everything.” -Pierre de Fermat

Man is always fascinated by complexity of mathematics. The mathematical problems, theorems, conjectures proposed are sometimes pose such a challenge that it took years of efforts of many brilliant mathematicians to solve it. People who solve it are truly obsessed with only one thought, that is solution to the given problem.

Here is world’s one of the most famous and celebrated theorem which took 357 years to prove. Statement of the theorem looks so simple that any schoolchildren can understand it, even though it poses challenge to mathematicians from all over the world.'s famous Fermat's Last Theorem...!!!

Fermat wrote, “It is impossible for any number which is a power greater than the second to be written as a sum of two like powers. I have a truly marvelous demonstration of this proposition which this margin is too narrow to contain.”

Mathematically a^n = b^n + c^n where a,b,c,n are integers have no solution for n > 2

Pierre de Fermat (1601 - 1665) wrote it in 1637 and it is very confusing if he had the proof. He wrote that he have proof but the margine of the paper is too narrow to contain it. It's mystery and different people have different opinions about it.

The proof was established by Andrew Wiles in 1994. Proof is not directly related to Fermat’s last theorem its proving another theorem that implies Fermat’s last theorem. As a child Andrew
was curious about the theorem and why it is not solved for so many years. He worked hard but found dead end. He then started to work on elliptic curves which was popular contemporary field of study and coincidently the very field leads to the proof.

He buried himself for 7 years, he left his job as a professor and sideline his social life. In 1993, he comes up with proof. But soon his dreams got bigger blow, he was devastated when one of the questions asked by colleague challenged the correctness of the proof. Once again he obsessed with his work. He started work to fix the problem. After several months efforts with his former student he comes up with the correct proof.

This incredible journey to get proof for 7 years of ceaseless efforts is captured in a movie called The Fermat's Last Theorem in 1996. Simon Singh and John Lynch's film tells the enthralling and emotional story of Andrew Wiles. Here is the link to watch the video.

This is one of the most interesting stories about mathematical proofs I came across. It’s really amazing struggle of man to get the ultimate truth ..!!! and I think that’s what makes our lives meaningful.

The Three Gorges Dam ...Incredible Engineering...!!!

Posted by Vikramsinh at Saturday, December 5, 2009

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Man is always craving for more advanced and comfortable life. His never ending quest to improve and excel in all directions and aspects of life brings today’s extremely transformed, complex and wonderful world.

Here is the perfect example of historic engineering feat, Three Gorges Dam. Its stats will amaze you; its view will mesmerize you and changes in the environment brought by Dam will compel you to think about our material greed.

There are around 86000 dams overall on the world and around 46000 belongs to China. Energy hungry China always crave for more and more power. Chinese coal mines already taking many lives, but Chinese leaders are more concern about prosperity of nation than people's lives.

Three Gorges Dam is the world's largest electricity-generating plant of any kind. Constructed on Yangtze river. The greatest of the projects took 17 years. Started in 1994, the dam was expected to be fully operational in 2009, but due to additional projects such as the underground power plant with six additional generators, and due to the complexity of the ship lift, the dam is not expected to become fully operational until about 2011.
Dam costs total of US$40 billion. It causes the displacement of over 1.2 million people from the 60,000hectares of and which will gradually be flooded by the resulting 640-kilometre (397-mile) long reservoir. Here is the Official site.

Statistics shows Comprehensive Project Construction Scale.

The construction includes the following work:

-- Removing 102.59 million cubic meters of stone and earth and filling with 29.33 million cubic meters of stone and earthwork;
-- Mixing and pouring 27.15 million cubic meters of cement;
-- Erecting 281,000 tons of metal structure. It used 463,000 tonnes of steel, enough to build 63 Eiffel Towers;
-- Making and erecting 354,000 tons of reinforcing bars;
-- Building 231,000 square meters of leak-proof concrete walls;
-- Installing 32 power generators with a 700 MW capacity each which results in combined capacity of 18.2 million kilowatts;
-- Creating Dam of height 101 m from river level and 185 m from see level, width 115 m, length 2335 m

The project produces hydroelectricity, apart from that provides greater flood control and river navigation capacity. Up to September 2009 the dam has generated 348.4 TWh of electricity, covering more than one third of its project cost. Project management call it as social and economic success, a breakthrough in the design of large turbines, and a move toward the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The technological breakthrough is really stupefying. Here is a video animation of the generators.

There are environmental advantages such as reduction in air pollution and green house gas emission by generating electricity from hydropower instead of coal and by providing pollution free navigation. Waste water management. Afforastration. Flood control and drought relief.

But it has darker side also
Threat to Ecology - The dam will significantly decrease the river's flushing capacity, and the pollution ratings will increase.
Erosion and Sedimentation - There are two hazards uniquely identified with the dam. One is that sedimentation projections are not agreed upon, and the other is that the dam sits on a seismic fault.
Affected aesthetic values - Cultural and historical relics are being moved to higher ground as they are discovered, but the flooding will undoubtedly cover some undiscovered relics.
Security - Threat from terrorists.
Earthquakes - There is also the potential for earthquake-induced peak ground acceleration to overcome the strength of the upstream face of the dam which, coupled with the immense weight of the reservoir water, could cause breaching.

I don't know what to say..Whether it is good or bad? Better you decide and tell me ....