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The Numbers Behind NUMB3RS

Posted by Vikramsinh at Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"We all use math every day; to predict weather, to tell time, to handle money. Math is more than formulas or equations; it's logic, it's rationality, it's using your mind to solve the biggest mysteries we know." - NUMB3RS

We are always curious about predicting future or solving crimes, day to day life's complex problems with some technique and science. This is very difficult task. It requires lots of efforts along with very precise logical, Rational and lateral thinking. Thats what Charlie do while solving the crimes for his FBI Agent brother Don Epps. Charlie is the protagonist of one of my most favorite TV series. NUMB3RS. Amazing TV series, which gives an insight of how Maths can be used to solve complex conundrums of life.

Many people will not agree that Maths can solve the crimes, but charlie perfectly believes in everything is numbers (and so do I). It was started way back in Jan 2005, NUMB3RS completed 5th season this year. In typical episode, Charlie helps Don to solve a crime investigation case using Maths. He is Maths professor at CalSci (California School of Science and Technology), a fictional institute but his math is much more real. Many real world mathematicians are consultants for creation of the series. The presentation of all events in which maths is used for solving crimes is really amazing. Here are some links for watching the episodes.

1. All Complete Series
2. CBS Primetime

Recently I found one fabulous book called "The Numbers Behind NUMB3RS" written by two real world mathematicians. It gives whole lot of things related to series, maths used and related real world situations. Here is the link to download the book.

All other links related to show are given in the section "Road to El Dorado" of this site. Enjoy the reading and wait for the 6th season in September...