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Refine..Redefine..your Search

Posted by Vikramsinh at Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We all are victims of our own curiosity...
with the invention of world wide web, Information starts exploding like anything; data explosion and geometric growth of information make it difficult to find information that we are curious about, When it comes to internet use, Search engine is what almost 99% times we use to find required information on any topic, pictures, MP3 audio songs, videos, movies and infinite other things.
When we want to find a particular thing on web, our fingers invariably types 6 letter word beginning with letter G.. in the address bar. Yes, Almost 90% people turns to GOOGLE when it comes to internet search, though invention of google is amazing thing, a highly effective weapon that net users have, The suitability of search results always depends on the search that you want to do. So Google is not always perfect search engine for your search criteria.
When you search the same phrase in different search engines then you will get different results and you may miss some websites if you have myopic to stick to one search engine. Below is the list of General search engines
My First best choice and strong suggestion for general search
Blackle - Energy saving search

Others are
Google -no need to explain
Bing - Formerly MSN and live search
Duck duck go
AOL Search

Meta-search engines
Now you find it difficult to search same thing in different engines.
So for your help meta search engines are ready, it simultaneously sends your query to two or more general-purpose search engines and eliminates duplicate results. Try Some meta search engines that I find useful ...

Multimedia search engines
Most search engines help you find text, but what if you want to find a song, a picture, or a video clip? Rather than waste your time using a general purpose search engine to find an MP3 file of your favorite band, try using a special multimedia search engine instead. They are specially designed for the search.
Here are some of the more popular multimedia search engines:

MIDI Explorer
Blinkx - Video search engine
FAST Multimedia Search
picsearch - image search engine.
Seeqpod - Playable search

For today ..That’s all, I will give list of some more specialized search engines next time till enjoy the Search...
If you find any thing interesting then let me know.


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